Sarah M. G. Chambers (Mrs. Chambers) —  7 and 8th Math, Algebra, Geometry    |    507-776-2111 x3969

Good day and a good new year. I am so excited about beginning this new year! I hope you have all heard that I will be teaching math full-time in the secondary school. We have a wonderful English teacher hired to take over and reimagine the English Department. I can't wait to see his new idea and listen to what is happening there. I think the students will benefit from the new assignments for English and Math. Yes, I do think of it as an "assignment" for me. We all have our "homework" to do. Many of you know that I often took students from study hall to tutor in math, and last year, I had the privilege of finishing the year teaching Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. After a few struggles as we got used to the new curriculum, we all did pretty well. 

Expectations and Timelines for the Classroom

1. Respect: Respect means you will come prepared. You will have what you need: pencil and paper, textbook, and homework done. No goofing off or distracting others.

2. Timely: You will do your assignments and turn them in on time. This means that the work is done at the beginning of the next day's class period unless otherwise stated. Missing work will only be collected for two weeks. Missing work will be marked as an MI and will lower your grade. This may impact eligibility. If it is not made up, it will be a zero at two weeks. Once it is a zero, it can not be made up.

3. Students know that I understand we all have bad days. They have witnessed mine, and I have witnessed theirs. Because of this, at the end of the trimester, I will set the computer to not count your lowest grade. I don't do this earlier because your grade changes up and down too often then. This is my "balance" for anything that happens during the trimester, but it will not offset poor work habits and disorganization. Do your work. Turn your work in.

4. I am ALWAYS available to help you. The kids know this. So, come to me before and after school or during study hall. Now that I have remarried, I will be keeping my Saturdays and Sundays for my family. If there is an emergency or if you have stubbornly not done your work, I will still contact your parent or guardian and ask for part of your weekend to get caught up. Stay on task!

ELearning: I will have an assignment on the Classroom for the students to follow. They must check in and do the assignment before 3pm to be counted as attending. Assignments are due as posted. If it says today, then it is to be done on the eLearning day and turned in via the Classroom. If it is due the next day, then it must be done before coming to class. If you need help email me, call, or we can have a Google Meet.


If you are absent and returning the next day, please check with me and the Google Classroom for anything missed. This assignment will need to be made up within two days per school policy. Extra worksheets that have been assigned are in the color-coded drawer above where you tun in your work. These are always available there. If you lose a sheet or need to start over, you don't need two wait for me. Just go get what you need; how.