Special Education

 The Truman Public School offers Special Education Services to students from birth to 12th grade.  

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   Truman Public School Special Education Staff

Director of Special Education - Lisa Noren Shellum - EdS

 Special Education Coordinator - Allison Greier

Birth to 3rd grade Special Education Teacher - Tina Raske 

7/8 Special Education Teacher - Brande Deuel 

4-6 -Special Education Teacher  - Shelby Weiderhoeft 

Denise Flynn  - 3rd Party Billing Specialist 

Speech Services - Dr. Magen Mahold -  PHD -SLP - Minnesota State University - Chairman of Speech and Language Department - our school has a contract with MSU for speech services. Dr. Mahold has several graduate students that work with our students during their program which is supervised by a licensed SLP teacher.  This person also holds all of the IEP meetings with families and works with our special education team for referrals.   The speech students are also working on speech interventions with our pre-school students.  These children were hit the hardest with Covid and not being able to see "lips and how words are formed".  Our grad students are taking time to give interventions so that there  are less referrals for special education later on in the child's life.   Services are given on site to students during the school day. 

School Psychologist Services:  Dr. Shawna - Peterson-Brown, Dr elyse Farsworth, Lucy Yeliseyeve, Collin Seifert - our school has a contract with Minnesota State University - Mankato for psychologist services for our special education student referrals.  We are fortuniate enough to work with the Director of the Psychology Department as well as doctoral colleagues and grade students.  This well respected and knowledgeable team helps to lead decisions that are made for student evaluations at our child study meetings. Services are given on site to students during the school day. 

Occupational and Physical Therapy  - Lindsay Peterson - OT / Wendy White - PT -- Mankato Clinic - Mankato, Minnesota.  Our school has a contract with the Mankato Clinic for both occupational and physical therapy services for our students that qualify.  Services are given on site by licensed therapists. during the school day. 

Low Incidence Services:  The district has a contract with the South Central Service Cooperative for Low Incidence Services in the area of TBI, (Traumatic Brain Injury),  ADS - Autism Spectrum Disorder,  and DHH - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.

Riverbend Education District - The district contracts Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services through Riverbend Education District, New Ulm, Mn.  when required for services.