The Truman Public School is currently updating curriculum and using the MDE Academic Standards as a guide.  We are in the process of updating our elementary and high school math curriculum for the 2023-24 school year.     

The School currently is one to one with all students from grades K-12.  K and 1 have iPads  and students in grades 2-12 have access to Chromebooks.  During distance learning, the district asked families to share if and when possible.  When returning to school students in grades K-6 will use their devices as classroom sets and will only be taken home if checked out and approved by each classroom teacher.   

The district is on a trimester schedule with over 90 courses offered in a year. 

PSEO - The district offers PSEO classes starting in 10th grade using the state statute criteria.  The district has partnerships with the following colleges. Students can take upper college math classes in the Truman school as well as upper level Ag Business Classes in the school.  Online and/or PSEO opportunities on Campus are offered with many surrounding colleges.