Truman Public School Mission Statement

The Truman Public School should help each student develop mentally, morally and physically, and believes:

a) That all children should learn to live satisfactorily within their own group and community at large

b) That each experience in school is a part of life experience and should prepare the individual for a worthwhile future 

c) That training for high ideals, good habits, skills and appreciation should be given to all pupils despite their differences in mental and physical capacities and social and racial backgrounds thus provide a common basis of understanding for all.



1.    To encourage an attitude of open-mindedness on questions involving social, economic, and cultural changes.

2.    To cultivate in all pupils the appreciation of both the responsibilities and benefits of citizenship in a democracy.

3.    To develop within all pupils the ability to make wise choices and form independent judgments.

4.    To assist every child in making satisfactory social adjustments within society.

5.    To modify or enrich course content so that individual needs of pupils will be satisfied and a wide variety of interests stimulated.

6.    To adjust course content to the abilities of pupils within the class to the end that desirable basic skills and knowledge are acquired.

7.    To provide classes and activities in which the development of pupil initiative is encouraged.

8.    To provide common courses required of all that foster respect for fellow human beings, one of the deepest roots of democracy.

9.    To provide, to the extent possible within current restraints, courses that care for the needs of pupils with specialized abilities.

10.  To organize activities so that pupil-participation, creativeness, and self-expression are emphasized.

11.  To create opportunities within all courses for all pupils to experience the satisfaction this comes with a reasonable number of successes.

12.  To create opportunities for community involvement in the education of the students of the school.

13.  To provide a comprehensive community education program for the  residents of the district.