Physical Therapist

Wendy White, PT
Hours: Thursday: 8:00-12:00 (available via email ) I will also check my email most days of the week and try to respond in a reasonable amount of time.
Phone: email me and I will call you.

Therapy hours: scheduled on an individual basis TBD (can be flexible if need be, I will be in contact with each parent)
  • Direct therapy will be provided via Google Meet or Zoom (family specific). The time will depend on service minutes written in the IEP. The time will not occur when the child has a virtual class. 
  • Indirect therapy will be provided via email/phone calls to parents for instructions and home program recommendations
  • A parent will need to be present during the video conference sessions to help with instructing the child of what the therapist is working on with them. The child's specific goals will be reviewed via video conference and/or phone call with the parent.
  • The PT may also be using See Saw to provide activities and home programming as needed. The PT will provide each child with a choice board and various activities to help meet each gross motor goal. The PT will send paper material home as soon as that is possible. 
Virtual IEP meetings will occur, we will meet online as a team as if it were in person. We will schedule them and get you the materials electronically for now.