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TRUMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2020-21 school supply list

HIGH School Supply List 2020-21

Supplies CANNOT be shared. Students must have their own and keep them contained. Students will NOT be allowed to use the classroom wall pencil sharpeners, please have the one from the JAG bag last year or purchase a new one. High School students will have a homeroom this year and they will not be using lockers until further notice. Coats will be hung on chairs in homeroom and backpacks will be allowed in each class.

Grades 7-12 - 5 notebooks (1) for each class, 2-3 inch 3 ring binder for all classes in grades 7,8,9. )5 fp;ders. pencils/pens/colored pencils, pencil box or zip/lock baggie to keep supplies in. Loose leaf paper if preferred for binder for all classes.

Backpacks will be used to carry books/supplies to elective classes when not in 2020-21 homerooms to be assigned. Masking is required for all students in grades 7-12 unless an exception to the policy is reviewed. Masks can be provided by the district. There is more information to follow and will be posted based on new board policy to be adopted on August 24, 2020.

Math Classes: All students in grades 7-12 required school supplies:

1) Calculator - See below for requirements
2) Graph Paper - preferred in black graph paper composition book that can be found at walmart/target/etc..

Due to COVID-19 students are going to be unable to share classroom calculators for the foreseeable future.  As such could you make sure that parents of 8th - 11th grade students are aware that they will need to have at least a good scientific calculator to use for math.  Phones as calculators are not acceptable.   They DO NOT need a big expensive graphing style calculator (except for those going into the College Now courses, but I have already spoken with those students).  A good scientific calculator should be under $20 and solar powered.   Please look around or ask for assistance from Mr. Muske.