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                                From Mrs. Wille’s LIBRARY,    Hello students! 

     Distance learning is a whole new experience for all of us.  Please take care of yourselves and your family. We can choose to have a positive attitude and do things to make ourselves a better person, so that we come out of this situation smarter and more grateful for education.  Learning doesn’t just happen in a school building, and ultimately each of us is responsible for trying to learn and improve our brain power. I think of you all and wish you the energy and stamina to keep trying and to not give up on learning.  

Please  read 20 minutes a day.  

Read, read, read!

                                       The READING COUNTS! 

program continues during 

distance learning time


Here is the link to the “Student Access” page.  Students can click on student access and log in to Reading Counts! to take quizzes at home on books they have recently read.  I am looking into the times quizzes are available. I believe right now quizzes are available during normal school hours. See next page on good things to do when taking the quiz. 


Please use good character when taking a quiz.  

  • Take a quiz after you have read the book.

  • Answer the questions with what you remember; don’t look up the answers, or ask anyone for help.

  • Read books that are just right for you, not too easy and not too hard.

  • If you pass, hooray!  If you don’t pass, reread or skim the book, and take the quiz another day.  You must wait 24 hours before taking the same book quiz again. You can take the same book quiz up to 3 times.

Remember to log in to Student Access:  Username is your first name then the first initial of your last name

Password is the first initial of your first name, then the first four letters of your last name, then your lunch number

Example: lauriew



Here is the link to Reading Counts! Book Expert

Type in a book title and click submit.  If a book has Reading Counts! points, the title will appear on the right.  Click on the title and it will show information about the book, such as the author, the book’s grade level and interest level, and Reading Counts! Points.  You can check on a book you already have at home and see if it has points.


For students in grades Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade:  Fill out the Reading Counts! sheets with any book you have read or a book that has been read to you.  Put one book on each line, or for chapter books, put one chapter on each line.  If you run out of sheets, call or email the school, or just use notebook paper with the child’s name printed on it.  Remember, any child can be read to by another child or adult!  Parents can email a photo of the sheets to

                                 The Jag Reading                           

Marathon Continues........             

For students in grades Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade:  for each book they read, or someone reads to them, the student should draw a picture on the sheets with the jaguar image.  

These books can be the exact same book used for the Reading Counts! Sheets.  Use the same book for both programs! Parents can email the child’s teacher to see how the jaguar sheets should be handed in.

For grades K, 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6:  Follow your teacher’s instruction of how she is giving you credit for this program.  Use the sheets with the jaguar image to write three things about the book. Please use sentences with capital letters and periods.  Parents can email the child’s teacher to see how the jaguar sheets should be handed in. These books can be the exact same book used for the Reading Counts! program, but there is no quiz involved, just the jaguar sheet. TWO Amazing readers as chosen by classroom teachers  in each class will get a gift card worth $25.00 each awarded and mailed out!!!  Good LUCK and get busy! Mrs. Shellum

For students in grades 7-12:  I am sorry for the disruption to your routine.  I understand how hard it must be to be at home without your friends, and with no sports, school play or other activities.  Now you have time to read. Read for fun, read to learn about something like animals, sports, or jobs for the future. There are many ways to access books online if you don’t have books at home.   If you enjoy video games, please consider balancing the time you spend on playing them with time spent reading.  

If you can find a way to PROVE to me that you read a LOT and a LOT and LOT.  We will put your name in a hat and pick 6 winners for a $25.00 Visa Card. Students, you are going to have PROVE it as I am VERY smart about books and will know if you read them.  You must write a summary that is NOT copied from the internet but in your own handwriting. Good luck and GET BUSY READING TOO>   Mrs. Shellum

                       “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”  

                                                                                                                                   -Mason Cooley

Come back to this webpage often to see any updates or ideas.

Keep on    reading!

Coming soon:  ideas of bookmarks you can make at home