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About Me

My name is Mr. King and I am very excited to be starting my first year in Truman. I am originally from Minneapolis, MN. I graduated from Colorado State University and previously taught at Waseca JH/SH High School. I have a knack for all things science and love to share my knowledge and random bits of trivia! Outside of school I enjoy football, hiking, gaming, and exploring. I am coaching JH Football, JH Boys Basketball, and SH Knowledge Bowl.

Contacting Me: Email is my preferred contact method. You can reach me at I do my best to respond promptly between 7:30 and 3:30. If needed, my school phone number is 507-776-2111 ext-3962

Distance Learning Expectations:

Many of my expectations for distance learning are similar to the regular classroom. Be present, be engaged, be responsible for your work, be prepared.

Be present - Attendance is taken and required. Be logged in at the beginning of class and do not leave until class is dismissed. Arriving late or leaving early will get you marked tardy.

Be engaged - Listen to what is happening in the classroom. Do not distract yourself with other activities or go on other websites. I will use Go Guardian but you can make it easier on yourself and me by just not being off-task in the first place. Please engage in class discussion, answer questions, participate, and be involved just like it is regular class.

Be responsible - It is your responsibility to make sure that you are actively involved with class materials. Complete your work and use your time wisely. Come to me if you need any help or explanation. We will do periodic missing work checks to make sure we know what is missing. Check JMC regularly to know where you stand.

Be prepared - The Boy Scouts motto! You all have your own Chromebook. A planner/sticky notes/etc might be helpful for you to keep track of things. Our class times have been shortened to 45 minutes. The first thirty is instruction. The next 15 minutes is work time. I might dismiss you to work on your own, or I may keep you longer to monitor that you are doing the work. If you have MISSING WORK, you will be required to stay for that extra time. If you have internet problems or difficulties that will make you absent from class, please call the office: 507-776-2111.

Late Work

I am improving my late work policy for this trimester. This information will also be in any class' syllabus.

Meeting deadlines is important in many aspects of life including this class. It is also helpful to be keeping up with class content, it is much easier for you to stay at the class pace then to fall behind and try to catch up later. I will have assignments due weekly. Assignments will be officially due at the end of a week(usually Friday). Assignments started late in the week will be due the next week.

  • If it is turned in by that day there is no penalty.
  • 1st week after the official due date(or until end of unit if that is <1 week) the assignment will be 80% credit.
  • 2nd week after until the end of the unit the official due date of the assignment will be 70% credit.
  • Once we have completed a unit then any late work will be 50% credit
Special projects/presentations may be required on a specific day but this applies to the majority of assignments. It is still important for students to complete all work. Any score is better than 0% and these assignments will prepare you for tests/quizzes!

Instruction will take place via Google Meet and Google Classroom. Both of these apps are located within your e-mail. The Google Meet link for your class meeting is on the homepage of your Classroom. It may be changed randomly for security so always come in through the link. Google Classroom is where all assignments will be posted.


I have been able to sync my Google Classroom and JMC gradebooks. You are able to see your current missing assignments on either. When we are in school I try to offer both paper and digital as much as possible. Always check there first to see what is missing. When something is turned in please be patient and give me some time to grade things. Remember that I have 5 different classes across multiple grades with each having multiple different assignments. If it has been more than a few days please check with me.

JMC has a few ways for me to ma. If you see these here is what they mean for me:

Blank - Assignment is assigned and will be due soon. You should be actively working on this. Not sure why but sometimes progress reports tags this as missing. I will always do Missing Included for late/missing assignments.

HI (Handed In) - Student has turned in that assignment and it is going to be graded soon. If you turned it in on time do not fear late points.

MI(Missing included) - Assignment was not turned in by student on due date. Mathematically it is put in as a 0 out of whatever points it's worth in the gradebook. Late point deductions are extremely likely.

Tri 3 Classes

Physical Science (10)
Earth and Space Science (11)
Life Science (8)
Physics (10-12)
Physical Science (9)