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Sarah Peterson  —  English    |    507-776-2111 x3969

Star Wars!  Welcome to Mrs. Peterson’s page.  I teach 7-12 English class and I am also the yearbook advisor.  I grew up in West St. Paul, MN.  When I graduated, I chose to go to college in St. Cloud State University.  I graduated from there in 2006 and started teaching in 2007.  I was a substitute teacher and a Long Term Substitute teacher in the beginning.  My first job with my own classroom was in 2009 with Windom schools.  I moved from St. Cloud to Windom for the job, so it was quite a change, but worth it. I now work for Truman Public Schools and love working here.  

My husband’s name is Matt Peterson.  We have been married 9 years this coming June and have been together a total of 12 years.  We currently don’t have kids; our kids right now are our cats Mara Jade and Ophelia.  Mara Jade is named after character in the star wars series books.  Ophelia is named after a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which is one of my favorite plays. Imagine that!  I am very close with my family and Matt’s family.  We try to go visit them as much as possible.  Going from a big city to a small town is the best thing I’ve done.  I love the quiet and the fact that there is little traffic.  The only things I miss from the city are Barnes and Noble and Panera.  That’s about it.

During my free time, I enjoy watching movies, spending time with family and my husband, playing video games (yes, I’ve been a gamer since old school Nintendo), cross-stitching, gardening, and reading of course!  I love all types of books.  My favorite book of all time is a tie between The Shining and Duma Key, both of which are written by Stephen King.  I first read Stephen King in 7th grade and have loved his books ever since.  My favorite books to teach are: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Outsiders, Catcher in the Rye, The Book Thief, Night, Frankenstein, and 1984.  My favorite plays are pretty much all of Shakespeare’s.  I fell in love with Shakespeare’s plays my 9th grade year when we read Romeo and Juliet.  

Throughout the year we will be looking at a variety of things.  We will read Short Stories, Novels, Plays, and poems.  Along with that, we will focus on the 8 parts of speech, writing the research paper, writing the 5-paragraph essay, and general paragraph writing.  We will also be focusing on the different types of speeches mainly with juniors and seniors.  I hope to have a successful year and that the students learn lots of new things to expand their knowledge. Below are some links for each class, the syllabus is the first thing linked so that both the students and parents know my classroom expectations.

Class 2 English 8
Class 3 English 7
Class 4 English 11
Class 5 PREP
Class 6 English 9
Class 7 English 12

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