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4 Year Old Pre School

Jennie Bowers  —  4 Year Old Pre-School    |    507-776-2111 x3918
Jennie Bowers-  4's Preschool

Hi everyone....welcome to my Distance Learning Plan for 4's Preschool.

By now, your child should have received 2 learning packs.  One was from school the last day we met on 3/16/20.  Please have your child continue to work on this as it is increasing their number and alphabet awareness as well as building better fine motor skills as they use more of their pencil skills to get ready for Kindergarten.  They also had 2 BINGO cards in this that they can continue to do at home and name practice sheets.  The other pack was delivered Friday or Saturday depending on availability during delivery.  This is a fun pack had directions written on it.  Things from this pack is what I want to incorporate in our question of the day (daily) that will be posted starting on Tuesday (below on this page) that I would like you to email me your child's answer or take a picture of your child answering it by what they are doing since this will count as their daily attendance because of VPK standards.

I will be available Monday through Friday to answer questions or assist your child.  Again, as stated in the packs, their work will not be handed in.  This is continue to what they would have been doing in preschool in all our areas of learning...literacy, movement, play, math, technology, and music.  I will be emailing you also with the intent to FaceTime your child on Fridays (I will work with your schedules).

Other resources:

Literacy - there is a daily lesson on here as well as a story or two that are either read to your child or animated.  - your child's login and password came home with them.  Simply go to the page and enter their logins (which is the same for Mathseeds since this is a partner site).  Everything unlocks as they finish levels so they can't get into anything they are not supposed to be in.


Math - use same logins for Reading Eggs


YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Jennie Bowers,
Mar 29, 2020, 7:49 PM