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3 Year Old Pre School

Allison Klassen  —  3 Year Old Pre-School    |    507-776-2111 x3981
Hello Everyone Welcome To My Page!

My name is Allison Klassen, I graduated from Minnesota State University Mankato in 2007.  I've been teaching since 2008, with experience in special education, preschool, and physical education.  At Truman I teach 3 year old preschool, Music K-2, and Developmentally Adaptive Physical Education.  In addition to my teaching duties at Truman I help with PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies) and coach the ML/GHEC/T school softball team.  My family and I live in the area on a farm outside of Lewisville and my kids also attend Truman School.  We enjoy living on the farm, caring for and raising chickens, horses, dogs, and cats on our farm.   I am active in the community helping with GIFT/children's education at Trinity Lutheran Church, help my kids with Martin County 4-H, coach/organize the Jaguar Summer Softball Program, and help with Truman Pride.   In my free time I enjoy camping, playing/coaching sports, riding horse, spending time with my family, and singing.  

My Distance Learning Schedule
I will be available Monday-Friday 9am-3pm for any questions. concerns, and direct learning that I will be providing to students starting Monday, March 30, 2020.   You can contact me by email at or private message on the class's band app.

3 Year Old Preschool Distance Learning Plan
For distance learning we will be using the BAND app/website that everyone joined at the beginning of the year for class communication.  On that app I will be sending out videos of Carpet Time, Book Time, and Singing/Movement Time.  Please have your child watch these videos at least two times per week.  In addition to the videos please follow the Distance Play Based Learning Packet.   For the packet you will do it with your child two times per week picking one learning activity from Literacy, Math, and Art/Science each day.  If it's easier to do 1-2 activities each day over the week instead all of them two times per week that is fine too.  You just need to make sure that you do Literacy learning activities two times per week, Math learning activity two times per week, and Art/Science learning activity two times per week.   I will be emailing each of you individually at the end of the week on Friday to see how things are going and to remind you to send me a picture of the sheet log on the front of the packet and any pictures you took while your child was doing the activities (I love seeing these).   

Attendance will be taken using the pictures from the Distance Play Based Learning Packet log sheet and message communication between each other.  Communication during this time will be very important so please make sure to respond to messages and let me know if you need anything or if you have questions.