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2nd Grade Art with Mr. Nass

PLEASE NOTE:  These weekly activities are just "suggestions" of what could be done depending on availability of materials, workspace, and time.  Depending on your situation, feel free to substitute materials, do things a different way, or even do something entirely different.  I understand that not everyone has the same materials or setup at home and I will welcome whatever creativity you and your student come up with.  The key is to do "something" each week in lieu of your student being with me as they normally are when we are at school.  Be sure to take picture of your creation and email it to me each week. 

WEEK ONE   March 30 - April 3

For this week's activity, we have a coloring page.  Have your parents help you to print the picture.  It should print on any standard printer.  Get out your crayons, colored pencils, or paints and let's do a picture that will remind us to always be washing our hands.  It would be great if Mom and Dad would let you hang your picture up in the bathroom so it can remind all of your family how important it is to wash our hands.

WEEK TWO    April 6 - 10

This week, we want to see whatever you create!  The world is your EGG (in honor of upcoming Easter).  Use whatever materials you have at home and show us what you can do.  Be sure to check the gallery and see what your other school mates are doing.

WEEK THREE    April 14 - April 17

This is a fun and easy project to do and can be well suited to all grade levels.  It shows doing a T-Shirt .. .but you could do most anything like a pillow case, dish towel, etc.  Be colourful and creative.

WEEK FOUR    April 20 - April 24

There have been so many GREAT projects, rolling in from our students, showing off their creativity.  This week gives that opportunity again.  Check out the suggested assignment and then see what you can put together

WEEK FIVE    April 27 - May 1

Be sure to see the note at the top of this page.  This weeks activity will make us "Rock Stars".  Check it out!

WEEK SIX & SEVEN    May 5 - May 15

Be sure to see the note at the top of this page.  This project suggestion may take some extra time to complete depending on what materials you have available.  

WEEK EIGHT   May 18 - May 22

This will be our final week of project.  I hope you have had some fun with all the things we did.  I sure enjoyed seeing your creative spirits!  I hope you have a GREAT summer and I've missed being with you in person.

 Two things you could do this week . .. choose one.  

1.  Do something to send a message to all your friends for over the summer,  Ask them to be safe or tell them you miss them.  You can do this by using sidewalk chalk, writing in the sand, drawing with crayons, drawing or painting a picture.  Use your imagination and ANYTHING you have on hand.

2.  Shadow Drawings:  Shadow Drawings