K-2 Music and DAPE

Allison Klassen  —  K-2 Music DAPE
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Hello Everyone Welcome To My Page!

My name is Allison Klassen, I graduated from Minnesota State University Mankato in 2007.  I've been teaching since 2008, with experience in special education, preschool, and physical education.  At Truman I teach 3 year old preschool, Music K-2, and Developmentally Adaptive Physical Education.  In addition to my teaching duties at Truman I help with PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies) and coach the ML/GHEC/T school softball team.  My family and I live in the area on a farm outside of Lewisville and my kids also attend Truman School.  We enjoy living on the farm, caring for and raising chickens, horses, dogs, and cats on our farm.   I am active in the community helping with GIFT/children's education at Trinity Lutheran Church, help my kids with Martin County 4-H, coach/organize the Jaguar Summer Softball Program, and help with Truman Pride.  I have always enjoyed music, starting while I was in high school I sang in the choir (doing many solos and being a part of small jazz group), played piano, and played saxophone in the school band.  I have carried that love of music throughout my entire life and I am excited to get a chance to share my love of music with others while teaching music at Truman.    In my free time I enjoy camping, playing/coaching sports, riding horse, spending time with my family, and singing.  

My Distance Learning Schedule
I will be available Monday-Friday 9am-3pm for any questions. concerns, and direct learning that I will be providing to students starting Monday, March 30, 2020.   You can contact me by email at klassena@truman.k12.mn.us

K-2 Music

Distance Learning Plan
I have made a K-2 Music Website for Distance Learning lessons.   Each teacher K-2 will be making it a part of their daily schedule so students can complete their music lessons.   The website will have 4 lessons on it that need to be completed by the end of the week to receive credit.  Lessons include a video (which the students can watch as many times as they like) and one question that is a part of the video.  I wanted this to be fun break for students to learn music and not add too much extra to their workload.   If students have extra time or are looking for things to do they can click on any of the music website links I have at the bottom of the page.  

Distance Learning Expectations
To receive music credit students must complete each lesson and click submit at the end of the page.  Students can receive a total of 3 points for each lesson.  The will get the full 3 points if they submit the question correctly, they will get 2 points if they submit the answer but it's incorrect, and they will get 0 points if the lesson isn't completed by the end of the week.  


Distance Learning Plan
Students in special education who receive Developmentally Adaptive Physical Education services will be using SEESAW DAPE Class to complete activities.  In addition to these activities I will be scheduling virtual meetings with the students/parents through Google Meeting at individual times to work on individual skills based on the services minutes in their IEPs.  This virtual meeting time will be outside of their general distance learning time with their classes and I will communicate with each of you to find a time and day that works best.  These times will stay the same each week.

Distance Learning Expectations
I require that parents or an older sibling 14 years or older be present during DAPE virtual meetings to help with the video and that activities that we will be doing.  On the screen I will be modeling the activity but in some cases the student might need physical help to get into the right position or play catch with someone because some skills we work on require more then one person.   
You will get an email link with the virtual meeting link, please start to login into the video at least 5 minutes before the meeting starts.  This will ensure that we start the meeting on time.  students must attend all of their virtual meetings, if a student cannot attend their virtual meeting please contact me ahead of time via email (klassena@truman.k12.mn.us) to let me know.

Communication will be VERY important during this time so please check your email and the DAPE Class on seesaw often.