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Fourth Grade

Leslie Glaser  —  
Fourth Grade    |    507-776-2111 x3940

    Hello! My name is Leslie Glaser. I started teaching at Truman Elementary School in the fall of 1992.  I currently teach 4th grade. I am originally from Lakefield, Minnesota and graduated from Heron Lake-Okabena-Lakefield High School.  I received my B.A. at the University of Minnesota-Morris.       I look forward to an exciting school year!     

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  • MCA Test Prep - Math
  • Chapter 1 - Place Value
    Chapter 2 - Equations/Algebra
    Chapter 3 - Division
    Chapter 4 - Multiplication Properties
    Chapter 5 - Division by One Digit Divisors
    Chapter 6 - Measurement (SKIP)
    Chapter 7 - Comparing and Ordering Fractions
    Chapter 8 - Comparing and Ordering Fractions, Mixed Numbers. and  Decimals
    Chapter 9 - Mean, Median, Mode (SKIP)
    Chapter 10 - Perimeter and Area
    Chapter 11 - Coordinate Graphing
    Chapter 12 - Adjusting the Quotient

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