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Registration for High School Classes

Truman Public School 2021-22 School Registration will be done in the spring of 2020 and then continue during the summer.  Students will be able to access their registration through their JMC school account by using this website.   The registration guide explains all of the courses that the students are eligible to take. 

Next year Truman Public School is pairing with Fairmont Public School for high school course electives.  The following sheets outline the elective classes that are going to be offered for each different grade level.  The classes are 45 minutes each for 1 hour and also held in 90 minute blocks. Credits will be given to equal trimester credits in Truman.  The registration guide contains course descriptions for the Fairmont courses behind the Truman courses.  Please contact us with any questions.  

                                               Fairmont    Freshman Class List 2021-22  Link
                                               Fairmont    Sophomore Class List 2021-22 Link
                                               Fairmont    Junior Class List 2022-22  Link
                                               Fairmont    Senior Class List 2021-22  Link

                                                           2021-22 Registration Guide  Truman/Fairmont Courses - LINK