School Supplies

TRUMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2021-22 school supply list


HIGH School Supply List 2021-22

Grades 7-12 - 5 notebooks (1) for each class, 2-3 inch 3 ring binder for all classes in grades 7,8,9. )5 fp;ders. pencils/pens/colored pencils, pencil box or zip/lock baggie to keep supplies in. Loose leaf paper if preferred for binder for all classes.

Math Classes: All students in grades 7-12 required school supplies:

1) Calculator - See below for requirements
2) Graph Paper - preferred in black graph paper composition book that can be found at walmart/target/etc..

Due to COVID-19 students are going to be unable to share classroom calculators for the foreseeable future.  As such could you make sure that parents of 8th - 11th grade students are aware that they will need to have at least a good scientific calculator to use for math.