Jags Basketball gear

Below is a link for you to purchase your Jags Basketball gear before this upcoming season. This store will also be used as a fundraiser for the boy's basketball program. The store will be available between now and October 28th, and again possibly during the season so please act fast with what you would like to purchase. 

A few reminders:

1) Items not listed as Women's sizes are Men's sizes.

2) Size charts are available for each item.

3) The Team Shop will close on 10/28.

4) Items will be delivered roughly  5 weeks from the close date

5) Live Inventory is set on the store to help avoid back orders.  If an item is unavailable, it has ran out of inventory and will reappear if/when it is restocked.

Fall Sports
Football   GHEC/T
Volleyball  GHEC/ML/T
Cross Country GHEC/MLM/T
Cheerleading GHEC/T

Winter Sports
Girls Basketball GHEC/ML/T
Boys Basketball GHEC/MLT
Boys Hockey - Fairmont
Girls Hockey - Fairmont

Spring Sports
Baseball GHEC/ML/T
Softball GHEC/ML/T
Track and Field GHEC/MLM/T