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Daily Announcements December 7, 2018

The High School Food Drive 

The class advisors will collect food for each class.  7th grade - Ms. Sherman, 8th grade - Mr Muske, 9th grade: Mr. Brudelie, 10th grade: Mr. Utermarck, 11th grade: Mrs. Garcia, 12th grade: Mrs. Anderson.  The Class of 2021 will be working at McDonald's in Fairmont on Wednesday 4-7PM.  Come support us!  Our goal for the food drive is 1000 items by Dec 19. We have just under 200 items now! If we reach 1000 items, we will get out of school at 12:30 on Dec 21st. Help out if you can!  Our Christmas activity includes going to the Fairmont theater on Dec 21st in the morning. The movies will be announced as soon as the theater knows! The cost is $8 for the movie, pop & popcorn.  Bring your $ to the office if you want to go.  The class of 2021 is selling caramels for $7 a bag. See Ms Sherman or a 10th grader if interested. 

01. PICKING UP STUDENTS: A reminder that ALL students being picked up for appointments by parents must be picked up and signed out at the main office.  A phone call or note to the office is necessary before the appointment

02. A Truman Area Community Choir will perform a Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 9th 

Singers of all kinds are needed.  Practice is from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Wednesday nights.  CD's

available for practice if you have to miss.  PLEASE join us.

03. CELL PHONE POLICY:  Truman Schools policy regarding cell phones calls for the phone to either be : 1.        placed in a holder in the teacher's classroom, or 2. kept put away and out of view and use.  Violation of these expectation will result in the phone being taken and brought to the office.

04. GROCERY RECEIPT COLLECTIONS:  We are collecting HyVee and Fareway grocery receipts, Box Tops, Moola milk covers, and Sunny D labels as a fundraiser for the school. If you would like to donate them please send or drop them off in the office.

05. TOUR THE SCHOOL:  Truman Public school invites you to come and take a tour of the school, please call 776-2111 to arrange a visit.

06. HOMEWORK HELP: Starting  at 3:05 PM-4:00 PM.  It willbe held in the School Board and computer lab rooms.  There will be time for reading, finishing homework, or computer times. 

High School
01.  SELECTIVE SERVICE REGISTRATION:  A reminder to male students that they must register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday.  It is the law.

02.  OPEN CAMPUS:  A reminder that Truman Schools DOES NOT have an "Open Campus" during the lunch period.  Students should not be leaving school grounds during this time.

03. 5-12 Band and 7-12 Choir Holiday Concert:  December 17, 2018 in the Elementary Auditorium.

Guidance Counselor

Reminder to all high school students: please check your school email and visit the bullitin board outside of the office for any scholarships and scholastic opportunities.


01.  OUTDOOR RECESS PROCEDURES:   New outside rules regarding weather are as follows:  If the "feels like" temp is under 50 the children must wear coats.  If the "feels like" temp is 50 - 59 degrees the children don't have to wear coats if they have long sleeves.  Long pants must also be worn unless the temp is 60+.  If the "feels like" temp is 60+ the children get to choose.  We will be using the KSUM/KFMC website to find the temperature and it will be posted in three places.  Our playground expectations state that children will dress appropriately for the weather and they will listen to what the adults tell them to do.

02. K-6 Holiday Music Concert:  Monday, December 10, 2018 at 7:00 PM in the Elementary Auditorium.

03. 5-12 Band and 7-12 Choir Holiday Concert:  Monday, December 17, 2018 in the Elementary Auditorium.

Community Ed


 Click here to view the Athletics Calendar for more upcoming events!

Girls basketball: A and B squad games vs Springfield at Springfeild.  B squad starts at 6:00 PM, bus leaves
at 4:00 PM.  Junior high practice in Granada.

Boys  basketball: Junior high practice in Granada.  Saturday, December 8th - A, B and C squad vs USC at Wells.  C squad starts at 12:00 PM, B around 1:15 PM, and varsity around 2:30 PM.  Bus leaves at 10:15 AM.


01.  LUNCH DOUBLES:  Ala Carte or Doubles need to be in to the office BEFORE 10:00 each day to reserve a meal change.  The cost is $1.50

02.  KINDERGARTEN BREAKFAST:  Breakfast is free for all kindergarten students.

03.  FEDERAL LUNCH GUIDELINES:  Fruit or juice is served daily with each breakfast.  Bread and milk are included with each lunch.  Extra fruit and vegetables served daily.    Federal and State Dietary regulations require that Food Service are REQUIRED to serve each student 1/2 cup of fruit and 1/2 cup of vegetables daily.


Monday, December 10
Breakfast: Banana bread, fruit, juice
Lunch: Max sticks, spaghetti sauce, spinach salad, steamed broccoli, diced pears
Alternate Line: Chicken quesadilla
Tuesday, December 11
Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, salsa, fruit, juice
Lunch: BBQ chicken wrap, fixings, Ranch dressing, sweet potaot fries, fresh vegetables, applesauce
Alternate Line: Ribette on a bun
Wednesday, December 12
Breakfast: Bagel, strawberry cream cheese, peanut butter, fruit, juice
Lunch: Tator tot hotdish, dinner roll, spinach salad, baby carrots
Alternate Line: Chef salad
Thursday, December 13
Breakfast: Pancake and sausage on a stick, syrup, fruit, juice
Lunch: Turkey wrap, Ranch dressing, baked beans, fresh vegetables, pineapple tidbits, fruit
Alternate Line: Corndog
Friday, December 7
Breakfast: Mini pancakes, fruit, juice
Lunch: Chicken fajita with shells, fixings, Spanish rice, refried beans, corn, apples, oranges
Alternate Line: Taco with chips