COVID-19 Update

Distance Learning Update 

The Truman Public School is closed until May 4th.  Distance Learning is in effect per Gov. Waltz order for the state of Minnesota.  

3/25 Update - Day 10

3/25 TPS Update on Minnesota Dept. of Health

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down

We created a new page for all past COVID-19 Notices.  Please see the tab on the top left for previous notices.  Thank you. 

3/25/20 - Notice: Distance Learning will begin on March 30th and end on April 30th according to Governor Waltz and the Minnesota Department of Education. 

At this time the entire building is closed with some staff working from home until April 30th.  Essential employees will still report.



The office is closed until further notice.  You can still call and leave a message or you can call the new number provided.

E-mails to are checked daily.

March 24 2020 UPDATE - Day 9

3/24 TPS Update on Minnesota Dept. of Health

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down

Here is a link to the Minnesota Department of Health that was updated on the Coronavirus.  This link is detailed and can give you guidance on symptoms, when to stay home and also phone numbers to call if needed.  if you feel sick, please use this guidance to help you navigate this pandemic.  We want everyone safe.  

3/24 TPS Update on Cookie Dough Fundraiser during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

The fundraiser ENDS TODAY, March 24, 2020.  Please send the sheets back with para's when they deliver the meals from March 25 - 27.  They will have a bin to put the lunch waiver documents in, please put the Cookie Dough Fund-Raiser information in the bins as well.    

 If we are able to return to school they can be brought to school on March 30 and 31 so that we can send them back to the company.  The plan now is that if we are open parents will pick up the items and deliver.  If we are still shut - down we will make other arrangements.  All of this TBD and we will keep updating you.  DO NOT go door to door, again use the on-line method or hand in what you already have including the money.  Parents,if you are sending money,  please count the money and put into an envelope with your signature.  It will be re-counted at the school before everything is ordered.   THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT, even through all of this going on in our world.

March 23, 2020 UPDATE - Day 8


Covid-19  Public School Shut Down

Education Information

The Week of March 23rd is a planning only week for teachers so parents do not NEED to worry about homework.   

The teachers are actually not in the building but they are working from home for the majority of this week.  Teachers are required to make contact with all of you briefly this week.  Teachers are also in the process of UPDATING their own personal webpages with information on how they will be conducting school if we are not allowed to open next week.  Thank you for reaching out, we will be in contact with you as we continue to plan.

If you have not heard from your child's teacher by Wednesday at 5:00 please contact the school.  If there is a phone outage and you cannot get through, please be patient, keep calling and e-mail.    

Our plans which do not begin until MARCH 30, 2020, will include information on  your student's google classrooms, STAR testing, MCA testing and Reading Counts.   Mrs. Wille will be posting information on the LIbrary site.  You can find this by going under "SCHOOLS" on the top menu and clicking on "Library".  We are all working very hard to make things as smooth as possible to keep learning in the forefront in your home.   

If you have not heard from your child's teacher by Wednesday at 5:00 please contact the school.  If there is an outage and you cannot get through, please be patient as this is a nationwide issue with cell phone to land lines.  

March 19, 2020 UPDATE - Day 5

3/19 TPS Update on LUNCH/Breakfast Services during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

The lunch deliveries are going well.  We hope that everyone is getting a hold of the school to get their lunches.  We are having more and more sign up each day which is great, TIME CHANGE - please let the school know by 8:30 if you can to get a lunch.  The food service staff is working very hard to ensure that there are enough lunches prepared to sent out as the vehicles are leaving each day around 9:15.   Please continue to watch the website for other updates.

Next week ALL of you will be getting a form to fill out from the Minnesota Department of Education and TPS that I need you to complete regarding permission from you to deliver the lunches and other permissions.  This will be delivered with the lunches on Monday.  Please be prepared to fill this out, sign and get back with the next day's lunch.  

3/19 TPS Update on Cookie Dough Fundraiser during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

The fundraiser at this time will continue to run until March 24th as planned.  Please have people that want to still purchase do this online as there are instructions that came with the packets. 

For those families who are getting lunches - PLEASE send packets back to school with the para that drops off the lunch from March 25 -27.  If we are able to return to school they can be brought to school on March 30 and 31 so that we can send them back to the company.  The plan now is that if we are open parents will pick up the items and deliver.  If we are still shut - down we will make other arrangements.  All of this TBD and we will keep updating you.  DO NOT go door to door, again use the on-line method or hand in what you already have including the money.  Parents,if you are sending money,  please count the money and put into an envelope with your signature.  It will be re-counted at the school before everything is ordered.   THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT, even through all of this going on in our world. 

3/19 TPS Update on Educational Services during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

Thank you to all that have contacted the school with regards to student's getting their school work.  At this time I have instructed the teachers to work on their long-term distance learning plans so if you do not get any work, please do NOT worry.   Teachers will be in contact with you and your students when we have our tentative plans in order.


The teacher's are available from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. to answer e-mails or phone calls at the school.  Please share this information with your children as well in case they are e-mailing outside of these times expecting an answer.  Teachers will have their own discretion as to when they respond outside of the school hours.  

If we are NOT allowed back into school and need to finish the year with distance learning I am prepared to order technology for all students in grades K-4.  Grades K-2 will have individual I-pads that will be delivered to your homes and we will be preparing on how to get instructions on how to use them as well as supply much information to you so do not worry.  The kids will also be using some paper/pencil work so far, we will make sure that everyone feels comfortable. 

We will make every effort to get replacement items out if needed, please continue to remind the students that they need to use CARE with the school owned technology that they are using. 


For those families that are currently not connected to internet, PLEASE contact your local provider and ask them to get you internet.  The majority of carriers are making this available to all of you.  I am reporting the number of families in need to the state daily.  If you do get hooked up, please contact us so that this number can be reported.   I am still researching other options as well and depending on our situation after March 27, will give an update.  


Grades 3 and 4 will be getting Chromebooks and they wil also have access to Google Classrooms and other technology that our teachers are working on to communicate.  

I am working on a way to have webinars posted to the website with instructions as well as the possibility of having classroom meetings with parents throughout all of this as our COMMUNICATION is so important. 

If school closure is beyond March 30th we are making plans to communicate with your children from the office a minimum of 1 time and possibly more times per week through video, ZOOM, hangouts or phone.  We want to make sure that we are in contact with them as well as you. 

Parents:  If you have ideas about how to make group chats within your grade levels or other suggestions on how we can all communicate, please send your ideas my way. or call me at 507-525-0941

It is important that we all stay connected.  

March 18, 2020 - UPDATE - Day 4

3/18 TPS Update on LUNCH/Breakfast Services during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

NEW GUIDANCE - in lieu of the confirmed cases in Martin County the district will be dropping the lunches off at the door and possibly not handing them directly to students or family members.   The para's will set them down and knock, step back and then talk to you.  We APOLOGIZE deeply for this but it is in the best intereset using social distancing at this time. 

Lunch/Breakfast is being DELIVERED to homes by the bus drivers and a para riding the bus. Lunch is being delivered between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m.  The rider will call ahead to make sure someone is there.  The lunches/breakfasts are for school age students only who attended school and would be missing breakfast or a hot lunch.  Lunch/breakfast will be delivered from Wednesday, March 18 to Friday, March 27.   We are in the process of appying for the waiver to serve all children in our district regardless of the district they are in from 0-18 years old. 

When you call or e-mail to order lunches please give the following information:

Your name, Your children's names - number of lunches 

Address and Phone number - Thank you.  

Backpack lunches are ONLY delivered to families who signed up for them.  For more information contact Laurie Wille -  

Regular and Backpack LUNCHES are NOT delivered if there is a snow day (Friday?) or when school would not normally be in session according to the school calendar.  You can access the school calendar on this website.

3/18 TPS Update on Elementary Cookie Dough Fundraiser during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

We are in the process of working with the company on how to handle the fundraiser.  We know that many have orders and that many are on-line.  We believe that we can continue with this online and that the cookie dough can be delivered to your homes for distribution when possible.    We will be in touch with all elementary parents to get and give more information.  

3/18 TPS Update on Building ACCESS during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

At this time we are restricting access to the building to authorized personnel and others with permission.  Parents, if you need to get something for your child please call ahead and we will make arrangements for the item(s) to be delivered or a pick-up at any time.  We are very sorry for this inconvenience, but for now this is the protocol.

3/18 TPS Update on  Communication during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

Parents,  THANK you for reaching out to us when you have questions. We will answer them the best that we can.   Please reach out to teachers directly for questions regarding academics. 

During the next 8 days the work sent home with your child is for them to do but the bigger planning is coming if there is an extended shut down.   We have plans and have the software to have virtual classrooms and actually have class with your child. 
 We are  in the process of ensuring that ALL students that need computers and INTERNET are able to get it.  We will be in contact with all that need it.  If you do not have a computer at your home or any type of means including internet access and have NOT contacted the school, please do so that while we are planning if needed, we can plan and talk with you about this.  

If you or your child forgot something in the school, let us know. 
Thank you.  

March 17, 2020 - UPDATE - Day 3

3/17 TPS Update on LUNCH/Breakfast Services during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

Lunch/Breakfast is being DELIVERED to homes by the bus drivers and a para riding the bus. Lunch is being delivered between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m.  The rider will call ahead to make sure someone is there.  The lunches/breakfasts are for school age students only who attended school and would be missing breakfast or a hot lunch.  Lunch/breakfast will be delivered from Wednesday, March 18 to Friday, March 27. 

 If you order a lunch and need to cancel.  Please call. 

If you do NOT call or contact us before 9:00 a.m.,  you will not receive the meals. 

Lunches are NOT provided during natural breaks already on the calendar or in the case of what would have been a SNOW day which is possible this Friday.  Please be advised. 

Meals are provided at NO COST for ALL students even if you had a paid meal during the school day for all that ate during the school day.  To sign up, please call or e-mail the school before 9:00 a.m. for the day or sign up for all days from now until March 27th.  

Note:  The district is applying for a waiver and program so that very soon ALL Students in the Truman  area that are 18 and under will be able to receive meals each day.  We will POST immediately when we are approved so that parents can call in to get meals delivered.  We apologize for the wait, but this also includes any student 18 and under no matter what district they live in.    


will be delivered to homes on Friday's.  Mrs. Wille is in charge of this program. Please contact her at 507-776-2111. 


3/17 TPS Update on Emergency Childcare Services during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

The daycare is now only open to those employees who are considered Essential and Tier 2.  This list is according to the Minnesota Department of Education.  Please contact Jackie or the office to find out if your occupation is listed in one of these categories. 

1)  In order to use the daycare there will be requirements set forth in guidance such as a letter from your employer, employee badge, etc..   Jackie will be putting this in order per government guidance.

2)If a family of an essential or Tier 2 worker was already enrolled in our daycare previous to this, the times that your child was in the daycare can still be utilized.  Please check with Jackie. 

3) If you have children in the Truman public School, an essential or Tier 2 employee but had daycare for a younger child that was NOT school-age, you must continue to use your provider but the school will provide child care for the SCHOOL AGE child(ren).

3)) The emergency child care is for children up to the age of 12 and only during the time that the child would be in school.  Our hours are from 8:15 - 3:15 for emergency childcare services.  We are in the process of making a potential long-range plan which would then include transportation for  children of emergency workers during the school hours just as if they were in regular school.  This is per guidance.   This will go into effect on March 30 ONLY if school opening is delayed.  All Distance Learning plans, daycare, food service and district plans will be published by March 30th and put on our website if we are NOT able to return to school.  PLEASE call with any questions.  

3/17 TPS Update on Internet services and education

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

Teachers are unavailable on 3/18 for phone calls at the school but will be available again on 3/19. 

During this time if your family does NOT have internet, please do not worry.  We are working on a plan to GET you internet and COMPUTERS if you do not have them into your homes if we are not able to return to school on March 30.  

Students in grades K-4 at this time will NOT need access to internet at home as our distance learning plans will include delivery and pick-up of work etc..  We are getting guidance from MDE on what these plans look like and I have already spoken to Ron Lenz about transportation.  This would happen at the same time the meals are delivered. 

Students in grades 5-12 NEED to contact the school if they do not have internet.  There are several providers offering free internet during this time. If you are still having issues, please contact us as I will find something that will work for you at your home.    Computers.  There are some courses that may require a student to use a computer if we have to allow certain software to be added.  This is for courses like high school CAD.   In this event, the school will even provide the computer if you do not have one.  We will be in touch if this happens.  

Students in grades 5-12 need to check their e-mails and teachers are in the planning stages.  Again, there are many delivery models that we are looking at. We are being thoughtful in planning.  We are planning for mental health as well because we DO NOT want isolation and we are making plans to continue to communicate with many different ideas.  This is all dependent on what the government guidance is at the time.   

Our teachers are working overtime coming up with ways and ideas to ensure that your children and YOU as parents are going to be supported through this.  It is IMPORTANT that we continue to communicate through many means even though we cannot be together in one place. 

March 16, 2020 - UPDATE - Day 2

3/16 TPS Update on Daycare Services during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

The Truman Public School Daycare is open for school age students up to age 12 that are children of staff members, healthcare workers, law enforcement officers, fire fighters and members of the National Guard.   MDE has given guidance to schools on the areas that districts are required to provide daycare for.  Please contact Jackie Shuder at 507-776-2111 if you have any questions. 

At this time if you are in one of these capacities and you are in NEED of daycare even though your children do not typically attend, please contact the school.  This is for school-aged children who cannot be left alone.  If you have a regular daycare for younger children that you currently use, please continue with your normal routine. 

3/16 TPS Update on Breakfast/Lunches served during

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

The Truman Public School will be preparing lunches for students for the next

8 days while they are at home.  We are in the process of determining how

they will be delivered or picked up.  An update on this will be posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 

 before 7:00.  Please watch for this. 

We will be delivering or having pick-up spots in each community including

Truman, Lewisville, Fairmont, Welcome, Amboy and Blue Earth.

TO ensure that all are getting a lunch  

-PLEASE call 507 776-2111 or e-mail to let the office 

know  the night before or by 9:00 a.m. if you want a lunch.  

-You may order for all 8 days or individual days you  same time.  

-Lunch and Breakfast for the next day will be given at the same time.

The district will start delivering to pick-up sites or homes at 11:00 a.m.  each day.

 If you ordered a lunch and plans change, please contact the school immediately. 

It is very important that you contact us or we WILL not deliver or plan on a lunch for your child.

You do not have to participate each day.  You can pick and choose.  Just PLEASE be in contact with us.


If you have any questions, please let us know.  

            3/16 TPS Update on Student Education

Covid-19  Public School Shut Down:

 TPS staff gave guidance to all students in grades K-12 today during school.  School is now suspended until March 30, 2020.

Students were asked to clean their lockers and bring home items that they would need to have a successful school day at home.  The next 9 days staff at TPS will be creating Distance Learning Plans are required by the Minnesota Department of Education if there is additional time that schools are not in session.

Students in grades 5-12 have school issued Chromebooks and these are to be used for all distance learning.  Teachers gave outlines on Google Classroom and E-mail use during classes today.  These are safe sites for your children to be on. 

Internet Service:  Several internet providers are offering free wi-fi for familes that do not currently have it in their home.   Families with students in grades 5-12 are encouraged to seek out this option for their children while they are having education at home. 

Students in grades K-4 do NOT need to have access to the internet  Teachers and the district will plan on how materials are going to be delivered to and from your homes in the next 8 days if needed.

Currently staff has given minimal school assignments for your students to work on during this 8 day shut down.  Students have been advised to look at their e-mails several times during the day in order to stay caught up if their teachers are trying to connect with them.  Please work with your students to get this done.

Recommendations:   The following recommendations come from the school.  

Teachers are available from 8:00- 3:00 daily for parents and students to contact via the preferred method that teachers announced to the students. 

Elementary K-3 students - make sure that learning is done in short increments.  Give students their subject area and limit this to 20 minutes or shorter.   Give a brain break as you see fit and then proceed.  The maximum amount of time required is 2 hours per day.  If you     You may increase this but at this time we are recommending this time frame. 

Elementary 4-6 students - make sure that learning is done in short increments.  Give students assignents in a subject area and let them work no more than 1/2 hour before giving a brain break.  Give a brain break when needed.  

Students in grades 7-12 - These students have google classrooms set up or their teachers will be e-mailing assignments in.  Teachers will be on contact.  Have your child show you what their google classrooms look like for all subjects using them.  If there are issues with internet or other, please be in contact with teachrs and they will accommodate.  All students in grades 7-8 were given chromebooks today to bring home.  Students in grades 9-12 already had them.  Students should work a minimum of 3-4 hours per day. 

Activities:  All actiities including practices for sports and the play are cancelled until further notice. Events for April and May will be determined at later dates. 

Reading Activities and JAG reading contest is STILL ON!   Keep READING!!!  You may continue to access the county libraries if open and look into these free sites for books for your child:

Please see individual teacher web pages if available for other resources. 

March 15, 2020 - Day 1

Parents and Students:
As you all know we have been closed by  Governor Waltz starting on Wednesday March 18.  For now the shut down is from March 18 - March 27 with school resuming on March 30.    We know that this may be a hardship for many parents and we certainly did not intend this.  Thank you for your patience.  We will do our very best to help get through these next two weeks any way that we can. 
See Below:  
Note:  This closure is a pre-caution to be PREVENTATIVE ahead of any more serious outbreak.  I think we can safely assume that as more and more are tested there will be more and more infected.   This is the reality we are living with.  Parents, please ADVISE your children that this does NOT mean that they continue to gather in larger groups.    We know it will be difficult but keeping them safe and not in large groups or traveling to "shop", go to a movie or other things that they do at night or on weekends is not recommended.  We will go through this with them on Monday.    We all know that this not a usual "vacation".  The school has been pro-active and continues to be.    
Monday, March 16, 2020 - Full day of school Pre-K - 12 - Daycare is Open
This is a regular day of school.  Parents of students that have immune deficiencies are sick or other are advised to stay home.   Parents, we will be advising students and getting them ready on Monday for  time these 8 days, but it is up to you on whether you feel they should attend.  
If you are not sending your child,  Please contact the office as you would any other day.  


Tuesday March 17, 2020 - Staff work day - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS - Daycare is Open
 All workshop items are CANCELLED.  Staff will report to school. 

Parents are encouraged to contact their student's teacher by e-mail or phone on Tuesday as the day will be set aside for the to speak with you regarding e-learning or any other question you may have.   

Parents that have children on medication that is given at the school is urged to contact the school requesting meds for at home if needed.  Our school nurse willl be available to get them back to you on Tuesday.    You can plan a time to pick them up from the school or talk to our nurse Cairne Eytcheson to make other arrangements.   507-776-2111 or

Students were given at home learning materials or information on how to get them from their teacher last Friday.  They will be given more tomorrow and other information.  Please use e-mail to contact teachers during this time.  If you are having trouble you can e-mail me at or contact the office From March 19 - March 27 or call me by cell phone to get messages to the teachers.  507-525-0941.  

Wednesday March 18th to Friday, March 27th - all public schools are closed.   The office will be open each day but with staggered staff.   Daycare is CLOSED except for those children whose parent(s) work in the healthcare field.    We will work on a plan to re-open if possible if the shut down is extended beyond March 27th with guidance from MDE and MDH.  

We understand and apologize for the hardship 

The district will be working on plans to continue with providing school lunches to your children at home using guidance from MDE.  We will be in touch with families on how this would work while the school is shut down in the next few days. 

We will also talk about the backpack lunches for Friday's and be in touch with the plan to get these to students. 

All activities are cancelled including the Schmeekling Reception that was to be held on 
March 19th. 2020.  


March 13, 2020

Today Governor Waltz had a press conference and stated several recommendations for communities. 

Please follow the link for all recommendations which are also located on the MDH 

website with the link below.

Parents who have children with underlying medical conditions or that have  are responsible for making the decision on whether to send their child/ren to school for their family.  

Truman Public School
Coronavirus Safety/Mitigation Plan and UPDATES

March 2020

Coronavirus – Covid - 19

The district is currently monitoring the repertory illness Coronavirus or Covid-19.  The district is relying on guidance and information given to all Minnesota School Districts from the Minnesota Department of Health, The Minnesota Department of Education, Faribault and Martin Counties as well as local healthcare facilities.  

In the following pages, routine procedures for health related issues, facility upkeep, resources for you and your family as well as frequently asked questions are included.  The district has been diligent about cleaning and using safe products to disinfect the building all day long.  In addition, we continue to encourage the same routines and took extra safety measures by having classroom demonstrations by our school nurse on handwashing.   Please encourage all of these routines at home as well as school.

Prevention and Protection for students, staff and visitors:

Wash hands frequently

Do not touch your face, especially eyes, nose and mouth

Cover your cough – preferably with a tissue or other means

Greet people with words, not hands or handshaking, no elbows

              Staff that do not feel well should not report to school, contact health provider if needed

Parents, please keep your child home if they do not feel well.

It is up to you to determine if your child attends or not at any time.

All related absences are excused


Covid-19 guidance:   germs.pdf

Handwashing Guidance:



-The district will be given information on a timeline for shutting down by being in touch with MDH, MDE local county information and healthcare facilities.

-The shutdown will be advertised by letting parents know through the student system, e-mail, newspaper school district website and Facebook page.  

-During the shutdown only authorized personnel will be allowed in the building.  Signs will be posted.

-All sporting events during this time will be canceled and made- up at a later date if possible.

-The daycare will be shut-down except to emergency workers as determined by the Governor's office.  

-Students will be given information on coursework through e-learning or assignments that the teachers have prepared.     The district will continue to be in contact with parents/students during this time to keep education in the forefront.

-Parents will be asked to sign-off on work that their children should be doing in order to count these days as school days for the year.  If they are not counted, the district may be required to have 14 additional days of school when possible.

-A system of attendance will be established during the time of the shutdown.

-Students will be able to contact teachers daily from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  Staff is on duty from their homes during these times.  Teachers may also contact students via e-mail or phone to discuss lessons.

-Teachers may be using on-line tools such as discussion boards on google classroom or other tools to have lessons during these times at regularly scheduled times.  

-Parents will be kept notified through e-mails, student system, website and Facebook pages.

-Parents will be notified of return date hopefully immediately, but will need to keep looking at resources or make contact with the school officials.

-You can contact the school at 507-776-2111 but there is no guarantee that during this time the office will be open.  If not, please use the following means of communication.   Continue to contact your child’s teachers as necessary throughout this time as well. 

During this time of uncertainty, we appreciate your assistance, cooperation and patience as these decisions are made.   We also encourage that no one jumps to conclusions if someone is ill.  We realize that he influenza season is still upon us. Our school district was hit with this virus during the school year and many were ill including students and many staff. We worked together and thanks to parents for knowing these signs, we were able to get back to school as a group in routine time.    Working together instead of acting on feelings of exclusion or any type of harassment will do nothing to prevent the virus or any other situation and this is a time to all work together in our community.   This is a common statement from school districts around the state.

This is a good time to prepare ahead in case of this emergency situation happening in our community. 


Minnesota Department of Health:

Center for Disease Control:

What is the Coronavirus:

Website to e-mail questions to the state of Minnesota: ( )

Student Resources: 

Exploring Coronavirus:

What is Coronavirus?:

School Nurse Bulletin on Coronavirus:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will the district determine if it needs to shut down?   The district will be in contact with local agencies as well as state agencies and use their guidance to initiate any type of shut down.

If this district shuts down will there this affect the daycare and other activities including sports?   In the event that the district is required to shut down, the daycare will also be shut-down except to emergency employees as stated by the Governor's office.   All scheduled activities including sports, concerts, the spring play etc., graduation, Spring Fling, fieldtrips and Senior Class trip are postponed unless the district is re-oipened before the event occurs.  We will be working on re-scheduling as much as possible even Graduation when we are able.    

How will I know if the district is shutting down?  The district will use the same channels that are used when there is a weather closing.   JMC text, e-mail, letters and possibly the television stations.

My child has symptoms, what should I do?   The district cannot diagnose any type of virus; it is recommended that if you have concerns you need to contact your primary physician.  If your child is sent home from school, use your own judgment as to when to contact your primary physician.    

Please use this guidance from MDH  

I am hearing rumors, what should I do?  With the coronavirus in the news daily and the newly announced Pandemic by the Federal Government, it is easy to fall into a panic mode.  Please use reliable resources and guard against believing information from unreliable sources.  The school will provide you information directly from us based on guidance from local, state and federal sources. 

The district is prepared to put the safety of our students and staff as our number one priority. Thank you. 

Lisa Shellum –     Cell phone:  507-525-0941 – Superintendent/Principal

Deb Sherman – – School Social Worker

Kayla Anderson – – Dean of Students

Cairne Eytcheson – – School Nurse