Phone:  507-776-2111            401 E 1st Street S.  Truman, Mn.  56088             Fax:  507-776-3379

Lisa Noren Shellum - Superintendent/Principal/Sped. Director  - Ext. 3917
Deb Sherman - School Social Worker -  Ext. 3980
Kayla Anderson - Activities Director:
Staci Bottin - District Secretary -  Ext. 3910
Eva Sonnabend -Business Manager -  Ext. 3915
Connie Smith - HR/Payroll - Ext. 3916
Jackie Schuder - Director of Truman Public School Daycare 

Memo from School Nurse


With the increase in the past week of illnesses, we will be asking for the following information if you have a sick child. In particular, we will be asking if your child has a fever > 100.0 F and a cough, or sore throat.. If they have any of the symptoms, we are asking that you keep your children home to avoid spreading the illness. If a student or staff becomes ill during the day, we will try to isolate as best we can, but will also call you to come pick up your child

Students and staff can return to school the morning after they have been fever free or not throwing up for over 24 hours without using fever reducing medications (Tylenol, Ibuprofen) or anti nausea medications. They also need to be well enough to participate in classes

We are in the Influenza (Respiratory Flu season) and I have to file a report if 5% of our total school population is ill or if 3 students from the same grade school classroom are out

Flu immunizations are recommended for all staff, students and families throughout the flu season. Flu symptoms include: fever, headache, fatigue, cough, sore throat, & body aches

Promote good hand hygiene, covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or into your sleeve, and staying home for anyone who is sick. Routinely clean & disinfect commonly used areas and frequently touched surfaces. Flu can remain on surfaces up to 8 hours

Please call in to 776-2111 anytime your child will not be in school, so we have accurate attendance records and so that we are aware if we are possibly having an outbreak.

Thank you, 

Caine Klutchesca RN 

Cairne L. Eytcheson Licensed School Nurse Public Health Nurse Registered Nurse - Bachelor of Science 

Next Public Regular Board Meeting
January 27, 2020
    5:30 p.m.  High School Board Room 

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Championship, 2nd and 5th Places 
In Fairmont Competition

On Saturday December 7, 2019, the first annual VEX IQ Competition was
held in Fairmont from 9:00 to 12:00. Truman Elementary had three teams
with twelve students participating in the robot competition. The student
teams had built their Clawbot robots and were required to manipulate the
robot to move cubes across the playing field, put balls on or in the cubes,
or place a cube on a platform using their robot. The competition had two
parts. There were preliminary matches where the ten teams in the
competition were allied randomly in pairs. Each team had two drivers for
each two minute match. The alliance score from each of the preliminary
matches was used by the teams to compile a standings score. At the end
of the preliminary matches, the teams were allied by rank for a “winner
takes all” playoff. From the five championship two minute matches, the
alliance with the highest score was declared the winner. Truman 1,
consisting of Curtis Bressler, Vaughn Barr, and Kailee Rahm were allied
with the Wildcats and won the championship with a score of 86 total points.
Truman 3, consisting of Andrew Hebert, Owen Dague, Karina Sanchez,
Kenzie Rahm, was allied with Team Zoey and earned second place with 42
points. Truman 2, whose members were Nic Gonzales, Ethan Farnum,
Jayson Lantto-Carlson, Ryan Dollen, and Timothy Boots, was allied with
Team Mavericks earning 5th place with a score of 20 points.
For video of the competition, go to Martin County KnowHow! on Facebook.
The Martin County KnowHow! group also has a webpage with information.

Robotics Competition

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Truman Public School Information

 Truman Public School Veteran's Day Program
November 11, 2019
The Truman Public School held its annual Veteran's Day program where we honored the Veterans from today and yesterday.  Thank you to all of the Community Members, Veterans and 
their family members that attended.  A special Thank you to our WWII Veterans, our veterans and speaker Colonel Rich Weaver.  We extend much gratitude to The Lewisville/Truman combined 
Honor Guard and Lewisville Auxiliary Color Guard for their participation in our program.  

Veteran's Day 2019

Thank you to the Communities of Truman and Lewisville for your continued support of the district with the passage of the recent referendum.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Please contact the school for a tour at any time.  We would love to show you OUR school.  


2018-19 Yearbooks will be available this fall!   There will be extra.  Contact the office if you want to order one. 

Cost:  $60.00

There may be other years available for sale.  Please check with the office.  If they are available, the price is $30.00.