Lisa Noren Shellum - Superintendent/Principal/Sped. Director  - Ext. 3917
Deb Sherman - School Social Worker -  Ext. 3980
Kayla Anderson - Activities Director:
Staci Bottin - District Secretary -  Ext. 3910
Eva Sonnabend -Business Manager -  Ext. 3915
Connie Smith - HR/Payroll - Ext. 3916
Jackie Schuder - Director of Truman Public School Daycare 

Phone:  507-776-2111                                                                                               Fax:  507-776-3379

Note:  Parents:  For any school related changes, sports changes, and the bi-weekly menu, click on DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS at the top left hand of this website.  

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FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH SHEETS - Remember to get your sheets in ASAP.  After September 30th you will NEED to pay if you do not have a new sheet turned into the office.  If you lost it, NOT a problem, call and we will send another home.  Please contact Connie with any questions.  Filling these out helps both the families and the district.  Note:  If you ever have a change in employment status, please come and fill out a new sheet!  This is very important.    We will be contacting  you as the date gets closer and you have not filled out your sheet.  Thank you.  

   Sign up for INSTANT notifications AND REMINDERS on your cell phone/e-mail of all your child's sports events including changes to your child's sports schedule without having to check the website.   Click on the link below which will bring you to the Valley Conference Schedule and Calendar link.  and look under the actual calendar.  Click on "NOTIFY ME" and put your information in. 
You can subscribe to as many sports as your children are in!
Click blue link below

**Picture Day rescheduled to 

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019**

Truman Public School Daycare

The Truman Public School houses a daycare for infants through 6th grade in the school. If you are in need of daycare, please contact Jackie to see if there are openings TODAY!  507-776-2111 - Ask for Jackie Schuder - Daycare Director


We are PROUD to ANNOUNCE Transportation for the 2019-20 school year to the following areas:  Truman, Lewisville, Welcome, Blue Earth, Fairmont and St. James.  Contact the school today to inquire about transportation!  

 2019-20Truman Public School 
Student Handbook


The Truman Public School is NOW accepting NEW and OPEN Enrollments.  Contact the School today at 507-776-2111 or e-mail to: to get enrollment papers for students in grades K-12

The Truman Public Schools is NOW accepting enrollments for 3 and 4 year old PRE-SCHOOl!  
Numerous SCHOLARSHIPS available as well as transportation to Truman, Lewisville, Blue Earth and Welcome  for both the A.M. and P.M. classes.     
Call or e-mail TODAY to get your child enrolled.  

507-776-2111 or e-mail for application materials

Special Education Department
  • Beginning with the 2019-20 School year the Truman Public School will have its own Special Education Department under the direction of Lisa Shellum - Superintendent/Principal/Special Education Director 
  • The District is proud to boast the following services for your child's needs.  We are fully staffed and fully licensed in all Special Education licensure area and can meet the needs of your children.  We service students in levels 1-3 - inclusive classroom settings 
  • If your child needs the extra attention, Contact the Truman Public School to set up an appointment with our NEW Team Today!   

  • Open Enrollment WELCOME!
  •  Contact Lisa Shellum at 507-776-2111 or
Our Team of Specialists
  • Myra Heckenlaible-Gotto - School Psychologist, Play Therapy, 
  • Tina Raske - LD/DCD/ASD
  • Laurie Sherman - LD/EBD
  • Allison Greier - LD/EBD
  • Allison Seeman - Speech
  • Allison Klassen - DAPE
  • April Detloff - Title 1/ADSIS/EBD/LD/ASD
  • Deborah Sherman - Licensed School Social Worker
  • DeeAnn Peterson -  Therapist - We offer her services during the school day by referral - ask about her services so that you don't have to miss work and your child can stay in school and get the attention they deserve!
  • Mankato Clinic - Mankato Pediatric - Occupational Therapy
  • Mankato Clinic- Mankato Pediatric - Physical Therapy
  • South Central Cooperative - Low Incidence - Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other disabilty services
  • Denise Flynn - 3rd Party Billing
  • Eva Sonnabend - SEDRA/Business Manager
  • Staci Bottin - District /Special Education Secretary

Welcome to NEW Staff

We are proud to have the following new Staff members join our TEAM!

David Kosmatka - Music/Instrumental/vocal/elementary 3-6
Lyndal Kosmatka - Kindergarten and Special Education licensure
Allison Klassen - 3 yr. old pre-shool, DAPE and Elementary Music K-2
Ashley Parish - Paraprofessional
Melissa Williams - Paraprofessional
Morgan Roberts - Paraprofessional
Savannah Hodge - Paraprofessional
Sheyenne Dougherty - Daycare

  • CHECK out the CALENDAR under ATHLETICS above to get the starting dates for fall practices! 

Parents:  Contact the school to get yourself set up with an account to monitor student grades, lunch account balances, etc..   You can also sign up to get alerts from the school on your phone or e-mail!  Call 507-776-2111 to get yourself enrolled NOW!


Parents,  income guidelines have changed again for 2019-20 school year and we encourage ALL families to apply for benefits regardless of past years.   Forms were mailed out already.  If you received information from the school already accepting your application, please do NOT re-apply!
School Lunch accounts that were free last year will expire on September 30th and you will need to fully pay so get your sheets in to Connie today!!!    Filling out the sheets benefits both families and the district.  Thank you for your support.  


Paint from True Value for the paint grant we received. 30 gallons!
Paint from True Value for the paint grant we received. 30 gallons!

Whats NEW

Truman Public Schools - Welcoming ALL and “Growing” OUR Future!

BRAND NEW  Cleverboard *SMARTBOARD* technology in classrooms - BLUETOOTH
One on One technology - high school –Elementary Classrooms sets - Chromebooks 

Small Class Sizes – (Any Class over 25 will consider split in K-2)
Updated K-12 Building - SCHOOL PRIDE!!  Go Jags and JayHAWKS!

NEW *3 and 4 year old Pre-School –transportation available for 2019-20 - Truman, Lewisville, Fairmont 
Call to inquire about transportation needs - 4 STAR Parent AWARE rating from MDE
NEW Truman Public School Special Education Department
MEETING All student needs in one building!              
SERVICES available to students in all levels
FIVE (5) new and returning full-time and fully licensed Special Education Teachers

Full - time licensed specialists in Speech Therapy, EBD, LD, ASD, DCD, DAPE, Title 
NEW - Licensed School Psychologist on site, school nurse, Occupational Therapy Services, Physical Therapy Services.  
Partners with Mankato Pediatrics and Mankato Clinic - Mankato, Mn. 

Mental Health Therapist Services available on-site – partners with two local agencies – no more parent driving and missing work for appointments – no more students missing school to attend them!  
School Social Worker available on -site

PSEO (College) options through Southwest State University - Marshall, Mn. West - Jackson, Riverland College- Austin,  South Central College - Mankato, Minnesota State University - College classes offered in Truman - Math and Ag Departments currently.
EARN high school and college credit together in TRUMAN!

Partner with University of Mn. Master Garden Program
Daycare Center in the school district for ages 6 months - 12 years old
NEW and experienced Staff trained in the 21st Century Classroom Learner 
                *Paired with GHEC, Martin Luther and Madelia for sports
Curriculum aligned to state standards - Review summer of 2019
School purchased supplies so $$$ not so much for parents!  

PERSONALLY Committed to working with Families to ensure a quality education and support
*Transportation available (customized to fit parent schedules, 2019-20 school year
transportation serving students in Blue Earth, Welcome, Fairmont, Lewisville, St. James.( Inquire about other areas if interested.)

2019-2020 Truman Public School  Enrollment and Registration
New Registrations for the 2019-2020 school year has begun.  Please contact the school to get your child enrolled or OPEN ENROLLED NOW for fall if you did not attend here last year.  We are excited to work with you and your family!

*High School Registration will begin the week of August 26th.

*          *          *

Phone - 507-776-2111


2018-19 Yearbooks will be available this fall!   There will be extra.  Contact the office if you want to order one. 

Cost:  $60.00

There may be other years available for sale.  Please check with the office.  If they are available, the price is $30.00.