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one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Lisa Noren Shellum - Superintendent/Principal/Sped. Director    shelluml@truman.k12.mn.us Ext. 3917
Deb Sherman - School Social Worker - shermand@truman.k12.mn.us  Ext. 3980
Kayla Anderson - Dean of Students/Activities Director:  andersonk@truman.k12.mn.us
District Office Number:   507-776-2111   office@truman.k12.mn.us
 Truman Public School Board Meeting -  Monday, November 23rd -  5:30- virtual    
Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday, November 24th - School is open for distance learning and essential worker student/families. 
Wednesday - Friday - No School
Monday, November 30th - Distance Learning resumes
Monday, November 30th - School is open for essential worker families  
Enjoy the Holiday with your families. 
Symptoms of Covid - 19 
We are reminding anyone in our community that if you have any of symptoms to test at one of the sites listed here or at your healthcare center. 
  Even if you are asymptomatic, you can  be tested.   
Please contact your primary healthcare center or visit the  Fairmont Armory. 
Click HERE to make an appointment.
You can also make an appointment through Vault Health by 
Clicking HERE to get tested.  
Please contact us with any questions for you or any family members. 
These next 8-10 weeks are going to be very important for everyone to stay safe
All winter SPORTS are postponed until December 18th 2020 per Gov. Walz executive order.  
Truman Pride  online clothing fundraiser. 
Check out some great Jag apparel items available that is non-school/sport specific. 
These would make GREAT Christmas gifts!

Orders can be placed online at 

The order deadline is November 27th to ensure delivery in time for Christmas. Orders will be delivered by December 18th.

Preferred Printing in Madelia is the business producing the clothing items, so this is also an opportunity to "shop local".

Please contact Nichole Shell with any questions at 507-236-5977  - Thank you for supporting our program. 

  New High School Distance Learning Schedule:
In order to assist our students in high school that are on 

Attendance and Compulsory Attendance Laws 
are in place and cannot be modified as was last spring.  
We will take attendance hourly as we did last spring.  If there are issues we will contact parents to discuss. 

Please fill out the free/reduced Eligibility Form and return it to the school as the district is required to start charging for lunches beginning on January 1, 2021.   
Thank you

Extended to ALL Students until Dec. 31, 2020
The USDA extended the summer lunch program which offered free lunches and breakfast to all students until Dec. 31st.  It may look like your account is charged, but at this time all students in VPK -12th grade will be able to receive a free breakfast and lunch.  

At this time ALL students are receiving meals at no charge and will continue to do so until December 31, 2020.  On January 1, 2021 all of these will go back to you being responsible for paying the entire cost of the meals UNLESS you have filled out the Eligibility Form.  
Please fill out the Eligibility Form and return it to the school  ASAP .  A report of this information from all families is still necessary in order to give a final report on October 1, 2020.  The information you provided is confidential, so take just a few minutes, (even if you know you may not qualify), fill out and return.  
Thank you

or found on the Covid-19 Update page.   
Please check this page frequently for fall 2020 opening.
The Truman Public School board has 3 openings this fall for the Nov. 3rd election. There are 3 persons that filed for candidacy.
Kenna Krahmer, Lewisville, Mn       Jeffrey Nauman, Truman, Mn.   Paula Heckman, Truman, Mn
Thank you for the interest in our school.  Please remember to vote.   If you are planning on mailing in your ballot, please remember to request one but also to remember that you can deliver to the polling site as well.            
Immunizations Information 
Our nurse is looking for information.  Please get this to her, call or e-mail eytchesonc@truman.k12.mn.us
It is recommended that children stay up-to-date on their immunizations during the COVID-19 outbreak to prevent outbreaks of other infectious diseases.  Please use your family Dr. or contact the Faribault & Martin County Public Health Organization.  They are resuming immunization services, by appointment only.  
Precautions are in place to keep you and your child as safe as possible during the appointment. 
To schedule an appointment or to ask questions, please contact Candi.
  507-238-4757 in Martin County 
507-526-3265 in Faribault County

2018-19 and 2019-20
 2018-19  $25.00 per book - Reduced Rate
2019-20 $45.00 ORDER NOW to ensure you get one

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