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   TPS - Re-opening of Schools Information - July  30, 2020

Today Governor Walz introduced a plan for each individual school district to work in coordination with local and state health officials in planning for the re-opening of schools.   Data will be collected by county and every 14 days the data will be released with assistance from MDH our local health officials and reviewed to ensure that we are using the best model possible to ensure that we are educating our students, but also keeping students,  staff and families safe as this is still the most important aspect.    There are 5 different models   the state gave us that were used to determine at each district level how to open and how to move around if needed during the school year.    An initial model has been suggested to us at this time and at any time with a swing in Covid-19 cases in our community, in consultation with health officials, we may be required to switch.  This is determined depending on the number of cases per 10,000 county residents in a 14 day period.  
Complete guidance on the numbers and rationale for determining this can be found on the MDE website.  

Unless things change drastically in Martin county, the model that has been determined by state health officials for Martin County and TPS is to be "in school."  This was as of July 30, 2020.    We will give further guidance on what the in-school model will look like after all of the plans are finalized to ensure all requirements are being met.  

 IMPORTANT  NOTE:  We have two, possibly three 14 day reporting periods left before the start of school on September 8th that will be monitored and things could change.   We are hopeful that things stay " just the way they are" so that we can continue planning to see everyone in September!    At any time during the year if there is a spike in the 14 day reporting timeline local health officials and a team assigned to our district  by the state that we consult with will be working with the school board and school officials to determine the best method for instructional delivery which would be a result of  how COVID- 19 is affecting our community within the timeline.  
We want to be clear about this right away but know that we will do EVERYTHING to be there EVERY DAY together! 
Our staff was surveyed and they are overwhelmingly READY to be back in school too!   We are all on the same page. 

Some of the big highlights were that the state will be providing a cloth mask for each employee and student as masks are mandated now for both public and non-public schools per the Governor today.   We know that there will be exceptions to this for students and staff.    The state will also be providing face shields for employees.  The district has also ordered additional safety equipment for use this fall and volunteers have contacted us making masks.  Thank you to all!   
Distancing models will be put into place to ensure that we are following the mandates while in school.   
Signage and all other requirements will also be in place for the first day of school.  
If there is a confirmed case in the district it is mandatory that  it is reported and we will be given further guidance on
 many levels which will be explained in more detail  in our plan.   
Districts do have the choice to always go stricter than what is recommended, but cannot go more lenient without consulting with state health officials and the team assigned by the state to our district.  State officials will still have authority over amending, changing plans if they need to on a district or state level at any time.  Thoughtful considerations for all of these changes can be guaranteed.    The district must report its model to MDE through a portal established for the beginning of the year start and also report if there are other changes as the year progresses.    

Minnesota public schools including TPS were tasked with putting together plans for 3 scenarios.  They are: 1)  Full - time in school,  2) A Hybrid model which is part-time distance learning and part-time in school and 3) 100% distance learning.  Our local team has met several times and met today after the Governor's announcement.   In all 3 models, TPS staff will be working from the school and not at home unless a new "stay at home order would be executed statewide".  We know that at the very least, our staff being in our school and classrooms to teach and be available during their work hours for fluid communication will be a very positive thing.   Note that we know that there are and may be exceptions for students and staff being in the building at any time that will be honored on an individual or family basis. 

It was mandated and we are prepared to offer online distance learning in conjunction with both the full-time in school and hybrid models.    Whether a few students or the entire district chooses or has to change to distance learning, it will look different from last spring as we will be working the full school day.    If we are forced to go to distance learning because of wide spread of Covid-19 in our community, our distance learning plans will  follow the state school calendar mandates and instructional hours.   We will be prepared to teach via livestream  but also will now have the capability to offer taped instruction for all courses so  that they can be accessed at any time by families or students who cannot livestream while distance learning.    It is a work in progress, but we know will be highly appreciated by many.    This is especially important for parents that are at work, children at daycare's and any other situation where it is not possible to live stream.    What this means is that students who are in distance learning while others are in attendance will have a choice to live stream in real time with their classmates, or watch a recorded session of the instruction.  We  will not live stream the entire day and the recordings will be of lessons given by the teachers.  All will be uploaded to Google Classroom.  The entire district will be using Google Classroom, Google Meet and google video capabilities on the same platform in each grade district wide.     Students on distance learning will be given equal access and additional support if needed.  Do not be afraid to ask!    Whether your child is in the building in school or distance learning, we are excited that  lessons will be recorded for help with homework at any time.    All students will be treated the same as if they were in school or if they are in distance learning when it comes to individual responsibility for assignment completion, student participation at each level, check-in requirements for attendance and or special  circumstances that we would normally deal with on a yearly basis including IEP plans, 504 plans, other considerations etc...   Nothing changes here, parents,  we will be prepared for many scenarios.  At this time we do not have details on specific classes such as band, choir, PE, or others as we need to discuss how to distance appropriately and what this would look like.  We will plan for as much as we possibly can and we have a creative team!

Our district will have the capability  to switch to any model  following the guidelines from the state and ensuring that we are in contact with families notifying them constantly.     We will  do what is best for TPS, but we are not alone and a valuable part of our planning is also maintaining relationships with our neighboring communities and the schools that we partner with.   

 We will begin work on creating an easy to read question/answer document which hopefully will cover your questions.   We will have our final plan ready to present to the board by mid August for approval, ready to be sent to MDE as required and simultaneously posted on the website.  We will be using the state guidance documents to prepare. 

They can be found on the Minnesota Department of Education website and clicking on the SAFE LEARNING PLAN.  

Next week the Minnesota State High School League will be letting us know of their plans for fall sports.    We will be able to answer questions regarding our fall sports and will include in our question and answer document.    

THANK YOU to all for filling out the survey.   If you want to submit another survey with additional thoughts or needs, please do this as well.   A huge welcome back to our families at TPS and also welcome to several new families and students enrolling in TPS for the first time.   We have a large number of new faces that we are so excited to meet and work with.  

There are still MANY questions that we have as a district that are not answered with regards to specifics so we appreciate and honor your patience with us as we "roll" the fall planning.   Thank you as always for your support and trusting us with your most precious children.   We have missed all of you.    Lisa Shellum - Superintendent/Principal


                                 Please click above to complete the survey and submit.                               
PARENTS: This survey will give us information regarding your thoughts about your children returning to school.  
 Please fill out on-line to assist our team gather information for our planning sessions.   
 If you would prefer to contact us, please e-mail any of us above or call 507-776-2111.
  Individual parents will be contacted with specific questions we may have regarding your children.  
CHANGE   Gov. Walz will give information on plans for re-opening Mn. schools on July 30th, not the 27th as originally thought.
                                       Thank you in advance for being a part of our planning process.  Lisa Shellum                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Truman Public School Board Elections

The new board members will take his/her seats on January 1, 2020 at the first re-organizational meeting.  
For more information you can visit       "Becoming a School Board Member"     
on the Minnesota School Board Association Webpage.  

Reminder: P-EBT Application Window Closes July 31

Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) can provide families with children up to $325 for groceries. The Minnesota Department of Human Services says as many as 150,000 families may be eligible for these additional food assistance benefits. The deadline has been extended to July 31.

Apply at

For help applying, families can call 651-431-4050 or 800-657-3698, Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Fall Planning Information for Families from MDE

Please look at the information from the Minnesota Department of Education regarding our responsibility to plan for fall within the Covid - 19 pandemic.   Please look under the tab at the right - Covid - 19 Update for this information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Immunizations Information 

It is recommended that children stay up-to-date on their immunizations during the COVID-19 outbreak to prevent outbreaks of other infectious diseases.  Please use your family Dr. or contact the Faribault & Martin County Public Health Organization.  They are resuming immunization services, by appointment only.  
Precautions are in place to keep you and your child as safe as possible during the appointment. 
To schedule an appointment or to ask questions, please contact Candi.
  507-238-4757 in Martin County 
507-526-3265 in Faribault County
School Supplies for 2020-21 school year
Information is located under Links - Resources and Forms at the top. 
With the Covid - 19 pandemic, we urge parents to wait to purchase school supplies until we are given information on how we will be re-opening schools this fall and more information from the district on requirements. 

SUMMER LUNCH for all district students age 0 -18   
Summer Lunch ends on August 14th.  Thank you for participating.  
Pick up for children ages 0 -18 daily between 11:00 and 12:00 noon each day.  
Pick up will be at the center glass doors right in front of the cafeteria. 
The Truman Public Schools is NOW taking enrollments for fall 2020. 
To register your child please call 507-776-2111 to get a packet mailed to you  
Make an appointment for an in-person or virtual zoom registration
Students from age 3 to 12th grade are encouraged to enroll at TPS!
If you are NEW to the Truman area, please contact us
Truman Public School
 3 and 4 YEAR OLD Pre-SCHOOL Registration Information
SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE - Leave a message for Jennie Bowers with the office.
   Pre - School Registration for Truman 3 and 4 year old preschool next Fall is happening right now. Please register by filling out this Preschool Registration Form 
OR contact the office - 507-776-2111
Jaguar Clothing Fundraiser
All Clothing is Non-school or Sport Specific. July 15th is the order deadline.
We lost all of our normal spring and summer fundraising opportunities due to Covid-19. This is really important for us so we can raise some money to keep going for the upcoming school year. 

2018-19 and 2019-20
 2018-19  $25.00 per book - Reduced Rate
2019-20 $45.00 ORDER NOW to ensure you get one
When: May 11, 2020 to September 4, 2020
Make sure you go through the link on our webpage below. All sales will be online, with a credit card.  All books and merchandise purchased will be shipped to your home address.  Orders over $25 of books only, will get free shipping if you click on “Free Standard Shipping.”  Other merchandise can be purchased also, but there will be a shipping charge if you buy other merchandise with or without books.  Our library will receive 25% of book sales to go toward buying more books.  

   **This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to buy books, for themselves or for children but we know that this may not be the ideal time, there is no obligation to purchase. We are offering in lieu of having our SPRING FLING! Thank you.

Truman Public School Scholastic Reading Counts! Program final results

Grade K  

1st place    Xoe Villalon 106 books

2nd place  TIE with 100 books     Kason Mercer, Abel Thompson, Adalynn Urban

Grade 1  

1st place  Sidney Cunning 376 books

2nd place  Sophia Carlson 352 books

Grade 2

   1st place  Khloee Minscer 1,013 books

2nd place  Harper Armbrust 657 books

Grade 3

   1st place  Nolan Mercer 100 points

2nd place  Shelby Kitzerow 85 points

Grade 4

   1st place  Mariel Parish 666 points

2nd place Dominic Klassen 532 points

Grade 5

  (students in this class could choose to do Reading Counts or 40 book Challenge)

1st place Meredith Miller with 172 points    Meredith completed both Reading Counts and 40 book Challenge

2nd place TIE with 4 points each -   Ryan Dollen, Karina Sanchez, Angelina Wilder

Grade 6

   1st place Brayden Leach 494 points

2nd place  Aubrey Thom 392 points

Grades K-2 read or listened to 7,290 books.

Grades 3-6 reached 6,078 points and read over 19 million words.

First place students in each grade won a reading medal and a Barnes and Noble gift card.

Second place students in each grade won a Barnes and Noble gift card.

A certificate and ribbon was given to all students who met their goal for the year.  All students who participated received prizes as they were earned.

These students can be very proud of all of their accomplishments.

Photo 5272 Wall of ribbons

 5367 end of year awards and prizes that were sent out 

 5368 1st grade first place Sidney Cunning

 5372 4th grade first place Mariel Parish

Memorial Day Virtual Concert by Truman Public School 
K-2 Students
Music Teacher:  Mrs. Allison Klassen    
Thank you students and Mrs. Klassen      

YouTube Video



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